About us

A concert, a trip, an art gallery or a walk in the woods. The stories we carry with us are endless. Images, sounds, colors that enrich our life of inspirations and regenerate our dreams.

Ambientha was born to give life to inspirations. An embrace of atmospheres, colors and styles on the walls of your house, in your office, in your shop. Interiors to live enveloping experiences. Interiors that speak about you, about your sensibility, about your story.

Ambientha proposes exclusive wallpaper and covering designs realized on materials inspired by reality. To create fascinating and sensory interiors, to touch and feel. To live emotions and feel them again with friends, customers, colleagues or with yourself.

Ambientha project was founded in Milan combining graphic design and communication competences and the many years of experience of CIP, company that has been working in graphic decoration of showrooms, fairs and conventions since the ’60s. Creativity and attention to detail, distinctive elements of Italian artisan industries in the world, define Ambientha production.

Ambientha wallpapers are printed with state-of-the-art digital printing technologies on Digimura brand materials. For textured coverings Ambientha proposes the brand Coverstyl, which meets the European requirements for residential and commercial use (among the most important customers Marriott, Swarovski, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Best Western).

Ambientha® is a registered trademark of:

CIP3 srl
Via Kennedy 35
20023 Cerro Maggiore (MI)

Ambientha about the team

Ambientha tells about you, your story and your inspirations and… It comes from our story.