Rustic Pine

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A textured decoration that allows you to create a natural and genuine atmosphere. An opaque effect on surfaces, faithful to wood in nature, which allows to create environments with a raw flavor and at the same time refined and welcoming.

  • Roll width 122 cm
  • Minimum order 2 linear meters, plus multiples of 1 linear meter
  • Delivery within 15 working days
  • Free shipping for orders over € 100
  • Email and chat assistance
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Linear meters
* Roll width 1.22 m. Minimum purchase 2 ml corresponding to 2.4 square meters. Order cover for multiples of 1 m.

The adhesive covering for rustic pine walls and furniture has outlined veins, strong reliefs and a covering with a rustic taste. This textured decoration allows you to create a natural and genuine atmosphere, characterised by the colour of un processed pine. It has an opaque effect on surfaces, so as to remain faithful to what wood looks like in nature. Decorating with Rustic Pine makes the walls rich in expressiveness and allows you to create environments with a raw flavor and at the same time refined and welcoming.

Roll width: 1,22 m

Available sizes: from a minimum of 2 linear meters, then for multiples of 1 linear meter.

Wall application: preparation of the surface with acrylic primer.

Application on furniture or smooth panels: recommended preparation of the surface with acrylic primer.

Cleaning and Maintenance: do not use abrasive, corrosive products, acetone and white spirit.

Delivery times: within 10 working days in Italy (15 days for Europe).


  • Calendered vinyl film with polymeric adhesive coating
  • Thickness 250 μ
  • Appearance Matte
  • Essential primer for applying on walls
  • Bubble free
  • Thermoformable
  • Scratch proof
  • Exceptional resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays and wear
  • (yellowing, crackling, scaling, delamination).


  • Fire reaction class Euroclass B S2 D0 / C S2 D0 (class 1), use allowed in public places.


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• Up to 5 samples of your choice between wallpaper and adhesive coverings samples of adhesive coverings are delivered in 12 x 12 cm format. The design and surface finish are in actual size.

• Four style guides with useful tips for furnishing and decorating your interiors in Minimal, Ethnic, Industrial and Chic style.

• Photographic setting. Send the photo of your space and the wall you want to decorate, we will create a preview of the wall for you, so you can see it and take your time before deciding.


1. If you want to order the sample of an adhesive covering click Add sample to Welcome Kit and insert the sample you have selected in the cart.

2. Select up to 5 samples indicating each time a different type of covering or choose a wallpaper you find within the catalogue and select them again as in the point 1.

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• Advice and assistance (via email, chat or phone) in choosing the subject of the catalogue in relation to the characteristics of the interiors (selection of the suitable design, colour combinations, etc.).

• Graphic customization of wallpapers in the catalogue, changes to colours, resizing of the graphic subject.


• Photographic settingfrom photographs or renderings sent by the client (the service is free for those who order the Welcome Kit).

• Large format sampling extra.

• Printing from an out-of-catalogue subject supplied by the customer (also on adhesive covering or other materials on request).

• Bespoke design of the wall/walls, with the research and selection of subjects from different archives and/or graphic creation exnovo

For more information on extra services go to Personalisation Services

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