Nord Lagom

design by Ambientha

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Sobriety, sophistication and spontaneity. Lagom is inspired by Swedish philosophy to convey balance and harmony in space. With wallpaper in glacial tones, the environment discovers a soft light, capable of conveying a feeling of serenity.

  • Size up to 960 x 320 cm
  • Sample delivery: within 5 working days
  • Wallpaper delivery: within 10 working days
  • Direct assistance
Do you want to receive the sample at home?
Choose the wallpaper finish you prefer
and add the sample to the Welcome Kit.
You have no doubts?
Enter the configurator, enter the measurements
and finalize the wallpaper order.

Sobriety, sophistication and spontaneity. Lagom is inspired by Swedish philosophy to convey balance and harmony in space. Without exceeding in the chromatic contrasts but not even neglecting the use of colours, the wallpaper with glacial tones summarises delicate palettes in large brushstrokes. With Nord Lagom, the environment discovers a soft light capable of conveying a feeling of serenity.

For technological reasons, the colours displayed on the monitor can be significantly different from those of the final product. For this reason, ordering the Welcome Kit with wallpaper samples before final purchase is the only guarantee to make an objective assessment of the product colours. We remind you that Ambientha wallpapers are made to measure and as such are to be considered customised products, therefore not subject to the right of withdrawal (see Conditions of sale).


Design: Ambientha exclusivity

Wallpaper design format: up to 960 x 320 cm

Material: at your choice, Living or Pro

Sheets width: cut to size from 90 to 120 cm depending on the measures inserted (to avoid too small strips not easy to apply)

Bleeds: almost 5 cm on 4 outer sides of the design (the total width is divided into sheets of equal size)

Application: paste-the-wall product, apply sheets making them fit together, without overlap

Sample shipping times: within 5 working days.

Wallpaper shipping times: within 10 working days.


The Living paper is chemical-free, lightweight and breathable, making it the ideal solution for bedrooms and living rooms. Slightly transparent on the wall, easy to be placed, it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to apply. It is characterized by a natural matte finish and soft colours.

Material: non-woven backing in contact with glue. PVC free.

Certifications: C-S1, D0, CE.


The Pro paper is resistant to traffic thanks to the PVC surface. It is the ideal solution for areas with heavy traffic, perfect for commercial and professional environments, it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to apply. It gives an authentic effect to the decoration thanks to the detailed, textured and characteristic reliefs.

Material: non-woven backing in contact with glue, PVC substrate.

Certifications: B-S2, D0, CE.


Fiberglass paper is offered in two different types: Wet and Acoustic. Wet, combined with the waterproofing treatment, is the perfect solution for covering walls in humid environments. The Acoustic, equipped with a soundproofing mat, improves the sound insulation characteristics of the rooms, it is excellent in the bedrooms.

Material: fibreglass, paintable.

Certifications: Wet: B-S1, DO, CE – Acoustic: C-S2, DO, CE.

Flaxen (147 g) – Flaxen finish

Soft Matte (147 g) – Smooth matte

The photographs of finishes were made with the intention of emphasizing the reliefs in order to appreciate the differences.

Tactile (300 g) – Fabric finish

Stucco (300 g) – Putty wall finish

Fino (300 g) – Fine-grain finish

Wet – Embossed effect

Acoustic – Embossed effect


1. Enter the wall measurements, open the configurator, write the measurements of your wall and manually move the subject cutout in the position you like. Save the crop to return to the product sheet. Choose the type of paper and select the finish you prefer from the pup-up menu (find finishes and textures info in the Description).

2. Check the total amount (included VAT) calculated on your measurements

3. Add to cart to put the wallpaper in the shopping cart.

4. Enter the shopper at the top right and check that your quotation is correct. Complete the order, access the next page and enter the shipping and billing details.

5. Select Place the order, you will receive the order within 10 working days in Italy (15 days for EU).


Enter the wall measurements up to max 960 x 320 cm. Move the crop by holding the mouse down inside the image and select the portion that best suits your interior. The system displays additional 5 cm on the 4 external sides, useful for applying the wallpaper. The trapping is not included in the order calculation.


If you prefer contact us via chat, email or phone, with the measurements you will provide we will send you a proposal and quotation.

carta da parati su misura

Example of using the configurator by entering the measurements of 560 x 270 cm


Would you like to touch our finishes? Do you want to get a better idea of ​​the effect of the wallpaper in your space? Before buying, order the Ambientha Welcome Kit, you will receive the wallpaper samples and the exclusive services we have designed for you.

With Welcome Kit you receive

• Up to 5 samples of your choice between wallpaper and adhesive coverings: – The wallpaper samples are delivered in 12 x 55 cm format. The drawing, reproduced at 17% of the actual size, allows you to see the entire height (corresponds to approximately 72 x 330 cm in real size).

• Four style guides with useful tips for furnishing and decorating your interiors in Minimal, Ethnic, Industrial and Chic style.

• Customisation coupon to modify colours or layout of the wallpaper.

• Photographic setting. Send the photo of your space and the wall you want to decorate, we will create a preview of the wallpapered wall for you, so you can see it and take your time before deciding.


1. If you want to order a wallpaper sample click Choose type of paper and select the finish from the pop-up menu (you find the info of finishes in the Description).

2. Click Add sample to Welcome Kit and insert the sample you have selected in the cart.

3. Select up to 5 samples indicating each time a different type of material or choose other wallpaper you find within the catalogue and select them again as in the point 1.

4. Enter the cart (shopper symbol at the top right) and check that your order is correct. Complete the order, enter the next page and enter the shipping and billing details.

5. Place your order and receive the Welcome Kit within 5/7 working days in Italy (10 days for EU).

arredare casa online welcome kit


• Advice and assistance (via email, chat or phone) in choosing the subject of the catalogue in relation to the characteristics of the interiors (selection of the suitable design, colour combinations, etc.).

• Graphic customization of wallpapers in the catalogue, changes to colours, resizing of the graphic subject.


• Photographic setting from photographic images or renderings provided by the customer (the service is free for those who order the Welcome Kit).

• Large format sampling extra.

• Printing from an out-of-catalogue subject supplied by the customer (also on adhesive covering or other materials on request).

• Bespoke design of the wall/walls, with the research and selection of subjects from different archives and/or graphic creation exnovo.

For more information on extra services go to Personalisation Services

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