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Install the decoration

Are you a DIY lover? Do you prefer to contact a professional installation service? In any case, you can consult the installing guides to find out the right method for achieving a job well done, by yourself or by your decorator. Download the decoration guide with all the secrets of the trade: you can keep it with you to organize the tools and follow all the steps, or deliver it to your trusted installer and let him know the technical characteristics of the product you have chosen.

The tools

Ruler, cutter, bolla o filo a piombo, buquet, plumb line (in foam), roller or brush (with medium/short hair to avoid splashes), soft cloth, wall primer, wallpaper glue

Wall preparation

– Clean the surface with a soft cloth

– Apply the wall primer with the roller and proceed to get a proceed to make the surface homogeneous and ready for installation

– While you wait for the primer to dry check and prepare the sequence of the wallpaper sheets

Start on the left corner of the wall and take the measurement of the first sheet. Draw a vertical pencil mark at its right end, without considering the bleed on the left, so as to have the precise size of the first sheet.

Use lead wire to draw other vertical marks on this same size, they will serve as a guide to apply the first perfectly perpendicular sheet.

Now prepare and mix the glue so as to avoid lumps, spread it on the portion of the wall that affects the second sheet, without overloading the roller in order to avoid drops.

First laying the second sheet, the marks shown on the wall indicate where to start. Unroll the wallpaper from the top to the floor leaving the bleeds on both sides (floor and ceiling). Use the soft spatula with a smooth movement from top to bottom and from the inside of the cloth outwards.

After applying the first cloth trim the bleeds to the floor and ceiling and gently clean the glue residues by dabing with the sponge soaked in water. DO NOT rub.

Continue with the installation of all the sheets, starting on the left with the first, which shows the bleeds in the left corner. Refine the surplus sheet to sheet in a timely manner. Remember that the last sheet will also have the bleeds on the right side.

The tools

Ruler, primer. buquet, roller or brush, roller or brush (with medium/short hair to avoid splashes), soft cloth, wall primer, hair drier or heat gun if you need (remeber, only if it is a thermoformable product)

The cleaning

Clean the wall with the cloth, make sure the surface is smooth, without holes or debris, to apply the adhesive covering smoothly

The surface

Mix the primer well to avoid lumps, use your roller or brush to spread the primer on the wall evenly

The application

Gently remove the protective paper from the covering (you can wait to remove it completely before laying in order to handle the coating more easily)

Install the covering on the wall using the spatula, with a continuous movement from the center of the decoration outwards, to avoid bubbles formation

The finishing

Trim the abundances with the cutter placing the ruler on the covering to cut accurately

You are ready!

Gently clean your wall and here you are at the end! Your decoration is ready to be experienced.