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come scegliere carta da parati ambientha

Measure the surface

The bedroom wall or kitchen floor? To choose your wallpaper, or know how many meters of adhesive covering to order for a piece of furniture, you will need to take the measurements of the surface you want to renew. Learn how to do it, even in the most difficult cases, and don’t worry about accuracy, we expect a considerable bleed area.

misurare la superficie ambientha
misurare superficie mobili ambientha

Measuring the wall is the first step, indispensable if you want to buy a wallpaper or apply an adhesive textured covering to your wall.

We recommend using a tape measure, at least 5 meters to avoid taking the measurements in pieces, a block notes for transcription and a pen or pencil.

You can start measuring the base of the wall, unrolling the meter from the left to the right. Now transcribe the total length on your sheet or block notes.

Continue measuring the height of the wall, from top to bottom, letting the meter descend perpendicular to the wall.

If the wall is very long, begin with the height measurement from its left side. Move to the right and measure the wall again, so you can also see any differences between the left and right sides. If you encounter deviations, even a few centimeters, do not worry, it is normal with large surfaces, precisely for this reason we foresee a considerable bleed area for wallpapers, 5 cm on all sides: on the floor, on the ceiling and on the two corner sides of the wall. Coverings can only order multiples of 1 (linear meters), which is why you will have to calculate the necessary abundance based on the measurement of your wall.

To renew a piece of furniture using adhesive, conformable and textured coverings, it is necessary to know the measurements of the total surface to be coated.

To measure your furniture carefully choose the parts you intend to renew with adhesive decoration, let’s take as an example a wardrobe: only the doors or the whole front? You think you only cover the doors, in this case you can proceed to take their measurements, using a meter and a sheet for transcription.

Proceed with a door (base x height), if these are all the same, or with all the different doors of your closet. Now it is important to remember a simple step: add 10 cm. Why? These more cm represent the bleed of covering that allow you to have a good result, even in the case of some small mistakes.

In fact, for a silk of 60 cm base and 230 cm in height you need an adhesive covering of 70 cm x 240 cm. In this way you have 5 cm more, for each side, which will allow you to save the final result of the application in case you miss, even just a few millimeters, the start of installation on the perimeter of the ring.

Don’t worry, it can happen to even the most experienced hands to make a slight mistake, for this reason we advise you to prevent any unexpected events. Proceed with measurement for all surfaces you intend to renew by adding 10 cm based and height, sum them together to find out how many linear meters to order. By doing so you can be sure that you have enough material to cover your cabinet without any problems.